Aguascalientes chicken with fruit sauce goes beautifully with a Mexican chardonnay © Karen Hursh Graber, 2012

Mexican wines: Perfect pairings with holiday dishes

Many years ago, our intrepid little band of gypsies became hopelessly lost on a trip through what was then relatively undeveloped Baja California. Too dark to be on the road, and too late to find accommodations, the situation called for some ingenuity, and we got permission from a farmer to park our van alongside his […]

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Mexican cheese and guava flan: Flan de queso y guayaba

Guavas, being so plentiful in Aguascalientes, are used in several desserts. A common combination in Mexico is ate, a paste made with guava, quince, pears or other fruit, and cream cheese, served together after dinner. North of the border, ate can be found in the Latin food section of many markets. This recipe for Mexican cheese and guava flan […]

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Guava is an important crop in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Because of its high pectin content, the golden fruit is a favorite for making jams, jellies and marmalades. © Diodora Bucur, 2009

Mexican guava vinaigrette: Vinagreta de guayaba

The slight sweetness of this Mexican guava vinaigrette dressing works well with peppery and bitter greens such as arugula, endive and frisee. The Vinagreta de guayaba recipe is adapted from Larousse de la Cocina Mexicana by Alicia Gironella and Giorgio De’Angeli. Ingredients 3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar 2 ounces guava pulp ¾ cup of olive oil ¾ […]

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Mexican Spanish style beef and vegetable stew: Chambarete español

Although classified under “soups,” Chambarete español is really a stew, served as a main course. A reflection of the European heritage of Aguascalientes, it is similar to the Spanish caldo gallego, which is also meat-based and loaded with vegetables such as garbanzos, cabbage and carrots. What makes this version typically Mexican is the addition of xoconostles, the sour nopal cactus fruit. Nopales […]

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Mexican guavas with an alebrije cat © Sergio Wheeler 2011

Fragrant, festive Mexican guavas: For Christmas punch and other delights

Many of Mexico’s holiday dishes are inspired combinations of seasonally available ingredients. Just as the chiles en nogada prepared for Independence Day celebrations combine the best of the late summer harvest, ponche navideño, the traditional Christmas punch, uses the fruit of late fall. Various combinations of apples, pears, tamarind, and tejocote (hawthorne fruit) come together in a drink flavored with sugar […]

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