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Within this section we highlight some of the best Mexico has to offer in the way of artisans, writers, painters, ceramicists, cultural examples, sculptors and more. If you like what you see, contact the artists and let them know you saw it on MexConnect.

Article Series about the Arts in Mexico:

Museums, Exhibitions & Galleries of Mexico – General

Mexican Artists and Sculptors

In alphabetical order by paternal (first) last name

Mexican Photographers

Mexican Artisans

Indigenous Art

Mexican Authors

Mexico’s Graphic Novels and Historietas
Pulp Fiction – The Historieta
Carlos Fuentes
Rebel, Internationalist, Establishmentarian: The Meandering Road of Carlos Fuentes
Excerpts from Carlos Fuentes’ Prologue to: MEXICO: A HIGHER VISION
José Joaquin Fernandez de Lizardi
Mexico’s Voltaire:José Joaquin Fernandez de Lizardi
Sor Juana De La Cruz
Searching for Sor Juana – Mexican Poet
Octavio Paz
Nobel Winner and Noble Man: Octavio Paz
Juan Rulfo
The Few, The Proud. The Work of Juan Rulfo
Agustin Yañez
The Engaged Man: Agustin Yañez
Mariano Azuela
Mariano Azuela

Original Ficton by MexConnect Writers

Architecture and Design

Image Gallery

Art Scenes, Classes, Retreats, Events

Film and Festivales

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