Minseok Chi. 2016. Buddha. © Leigh Thelmadatter 2020

Foreign artists influence Mexican culture and vice versa

You are reading part 2 of Foreign artists in Mexico from the Revolution to the present. Part 1 – Mexico attracts artists from all over the globe Mexico’s art history and foreign artists Mexico’s art history of the past 100 years has basically been a shift to internationalism, with some hiccups during times of national […]

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Lao Gabrielli. Expansión Cromática. © Leigh Thelmadatter 2020

Mexico attracts artists from all over the globe

You are reading part 1 of Foreign artists in Mexico from the Revolution to the present. Part 2 (coming shortly) – Foreign artists influence Mexican culture and vice versa In 1863, French writer and critic Charles Baudelaire did not consider an artist to be “worldly” but rather like a “serf to the soil,” dedicated to […]

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Juan Compo. Tree Goddess

Juan Compo and his Ancient American Goddess Art

Ancient American Goddess images by Juan Compo, in paintings, murals, wall hangings, posters and fabrics, are now in private collections in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Juan Compo is the name chosen by a fifth generation Canadian artist who built his Mexican studio in Ajijic on Lake Chapala in 1991. Viewers of a like-mind are […]

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Angustia. (Mexican Muralists: The Big Three - Orozco, Rivera and Siqueiros)

David Alfaro Siqueiros (1896-1974)

Fue el muralista más activo, en cuanto a la política se refiere. Siqueiros fue encarcelado unas siete veces y otras exiliado, a causa de sus creencias Marxista-Stalinistas. Estuvo activo en las revoluciones contra Huerta y peleó del lado republicano en la Guerra Civil Española. Como tenía nexos con otras organizaciones de artistas, viajó a la […]

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Enrique Velazquez

Enrique Velazquez: master of Mexican landscape art

A native of Guadalajara, artist Enrique Velazquez has made his home in Ajijic since 1989, painting and selling from his Arte Estudio on 16 de Septiembre, (a block east of Morelos), which he shares with his wife, Belva, also an artist. Together they are raising three children, two boys and a girl, while capturing Mexican […]

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Lower part of Pátzcuaro Library mural (copyright of photo unknown)

Did You Know? The centenary of the birth of artist Juan O’Gorman

Juan O’Gorman was born on July 6, 1905, in Coyoacán, Mexico City. His father, Cecil Crawford O’Gorman, was a mining engineer and artist of Irish origin; his mother was Mexican. Juan was educated at the National University (UNAM), and became a well known architect. A follower of the Franco-German rationalism school, he was one of […]

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Mezcala Island © Belva Velazquez, 2008

Art galleries in the Lake Chapala – Ajijic area

The north shore of Lake Chapala is alive with the arts in all their manifestations. Music and dance — from folk to classical, theater in English at the Lakeside Little Theatre, book clubs and creative writing groups complement the offering of galleries. Here are some suggestions to get you started. The telephone numbers are local. […]

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