Lo de Marcos, Mexico: a friendly, family beach town

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Christina Stobbs

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The inviting, and genuinely Mexican town of Lo De Marcos, still to be discovered by foreign tourists, is located just 20 minutes north of the San Pancho. It is a popular spot with affluent Mexican families who vacation here on weekends and holidays, spending the entire day, from dawn to dusk, frolicking at the beach. The beach is a great beach to walk along, and also for a horseback ride.

Set in a palm-fringed bay, the beach of Lo de Marcos is one of our favourites because it is wide and adorned with soft, deep, almost white sand. The beach is simply gorgeous, resembling Hawaii, especially at its craggy north end, where crystal clear blue Pacific waves crash to the shore. The water is calmer at the central portion of the beach, but the slope is a bit steep and, while we find the waves are gentle enough and fun to play in, we have heard that there are sometimes strong currents at this beach. So it is best to use caution if no else is swimming. The water is shallower and generally calm at the south end of the beach. If you choose to swim at this end, you may just find yourself surrounded by a school of fish and a group of friendly pelicans diving for their afternoon meal.

Situated towards the north end of the beach is a large freshwater estuary, the habitat of a large variety of tropical birds. We were advised by a local who swims in the estuary everyday that there have been no crocodile sightings here for at least thirty five years. The temptation of a freshwater swim was too great, so we took a chance and delighted in swimming there, and walked away unscathed.

Lo de Marcos does not have many restaurants, but the palapa restaurants located on the beach are a great place to enjoy a wonderful seafood meal, and the friendly proprietors are happy to let customers, who enjoy a meal and a drink, park all day under the shade of a palapa to enjoy a day at the beach.

Venture south for a couple of miles along the beach road that runs parallel to the shore and you will come across two small but very beautiful and isolated beaches called Playa El Venado and Las Minitas. Las Minitas is a great snorkelling spot on a calm day. Both of these beaches are slated for development and, while you can still drive up to Playa El Venado, Las Minitas has been fenced off from the public. The beach is guarded, but one is still able to access it along the trails from the road. Or simply do as we do, drive up and ask the guard to allow you access for a short swim or photograph, and they will allow you access, in return for a small tip. Finish off a perfect day at the beach with a scrumptious seafood dinner at one of the thatched roof waterfront restaurants in Lo de Marcos.

The town of Lo de Marcos is clean, quiet and tranquil, and the locals are very friendly. On most weekdays you may find you have its wide expanse of beautiful, unspoiled beach to yourself. Lo de Marcos is a great destination for a family vacation or for expats seeking a beautiful beach, solitude, nature and tranquility.

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