Xilitla, San Luis Potosi

Xilitla is a magical place in San Luis Potosi

Xilitla has so many structures it would be impossible to count them, such as this fragment of arches, columns and windows of the most varied architectural styles, built for the simple pleasure of feeling the wind, the dampness and the freedom that pervades every moment in this magical place… Endless stairs leading to unsuspected destinations. […]

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James and pet macaw relax at home. Of his constant bird companions he once said, "I am turning into a parrot."

Las Pozas: Edward James’ fantasy stands tall in a jungle in Mexico

We jounce for five hours in a pickup truck heading west from Tampico over the dusty Mexican plain to the Sierra Madre, up and up into a green world-peaks as sudden as the mountains of Moorea, tree-covered jagged ranges huge enough to be the molars of God, past coffee plantations, ramping bougainvillea, banana trees, crashing […]

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Tamazunchale: natural beauty, a slow-paced lifestyle, and Mexico’s native peoples

Have you ever found a place in Mexico that mirrors your own life? For me, it’s Tamazunchale, San Luis Potosí. “Every bend of the road reveals a more stunning mountain panorama,” gushed Nicki, a first-time visitor to Mexico. “Yeah. And there are lots of bends to this road,” I muttered, trying to keep one eye […]

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Real de Catorce

Real de Catorce: An outpost of progress

He’s stranded in Real de Catorce. His broken-down vehicle is without license plates, his Mexican tourist visa expired four months ago, and he has no money. A 20-year-old Alaskan tattoo designer of ancient Celtic spirit symbols, surveys the wavering desert. His beaten-up van isn’t going anywhere. He, too, is stranded in Real de Catorce. Welcome […]

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