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Posted by Diana Myers Stephenson on Junio 07, 2000

Since I gave up, sadly I must say, on Merida as a possible relocation site. I am now considering San Luis Potosi. The distance from my current location in USA would be manageable for driving. But when I search for info on San Luis, I mostly find industrial development information. I would be interested in hearing from people who live in this city. And I am specifically interested in climate, cost of living, cost of purchasing a house, etc. in comparison to other areas of Mexico. Any info would be appreciated.

Posted by Don on Junio 12, 2000

Diana, I lived in SLP last year for about 5 months. I rented a rooftop casita on top of a fairly modern apartment building near Tangamanga Park. I had one tiny bedroom, a HUGE bathroom (I couldn’t spread my arms and touch both shower walls, a fair-sized living room and a large modern kitchen-dining room combo, no phone, furnished, bills paid for US $350. The selling point for me was the terrace, about 700 square feet of tiled privacy overlooking the city.

Yes, those ARE neon crosses that you see at night on the churches. Wonderful climate, frequent evening showers, cool in winter (you’ll need blankets and heaters). About 50 miles from a rainforest area. This is more of a high-desert landscape. Wonderful people. A bit more discreet dress code than beach or resort areas. There is not a large gringo presence although people will approach you on the street and in businesses to practice their English. It’s in a friendly manner, not intrusive at all.

You didn’t give an age group, but depending upon what you need for entertainment a lot is available. There’s an area where the young with money congregate, they just completed a big cineplex at the mall, tons of sightseeing opportunities in the historical area, good shopping (my 21 Y.O. son bought some prescription Harley-Davidson shades there) plus the standard US stores; Firestone, KFC, etc. One of the finest restaurants in Mexico is there, right across from Whataburger, and there are Chinese, Italian, vegetarian, and American restaurants all over the place. I both walked and drove all over the area and had no problems whatsoever. Well, one day I did have to stop and lead a horse from the middle of the highway in town, but that can happen anywhere. Nice calm town. Not the most beautiful, but interesting nonetheless. Living costs might be less in some of the smaller “suburbs.”

In SLP, Internet and Internet cafe services available. FAX services everywhere. College town (ITESM). Excellent supermarkets, shopping centers. Lots of housing available. Good local outdoor markets, huge flea market. Relatively clean, easy to navigate, wonderful parks everywhere with entertainment almost every night. Good museums, band concerts in downtown area. Very Mexican city. Living costs: less than Saltillo, Monterrey, PV. Have you considered Tepic? Low cost, very Mexican, few gringos, US type businesses and services available. House rent around $300-400 US for a newer home. Hope this helps.

Posted by Wade K. on Junio 07, 2000

“Northern Mexico Handbook” by Joe Cummings contains an excellent description. I’ve read that SLP is a little rough around the edges but most of the city is very livable. Good luck! While in the area you might want to check out Zacatecas, too.

Posted by Bill on Junio 07, 2000

I think that your best shot is to pay a visit to a good local library that has a collection of guidebooks to Mexico. The books need not be current; they’ll give you an overview of the city and state. In addition to the guide mentioned in another posting, I’d check out the Lonely Planet guide, too. And, I’m not certain what Carl Franz has in the People’s Guide to Mexico, which is available for purchase (or reading in the library, if you want). SLP is a very nice town; it’s unfortunate that there’s not too much on the web about it.

A quick check of my files turned up the following, if you’re interested:

There might be other sites out there and if so others will pass them along. Good luck with your search for a new home.

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