Exvotos To St. Francis Of Assisi

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Richard Ferguson

The pictures here were taken in the church in the old mining town of Real de Catorce, in San Luis Potosi.  There is a side room of the church dedicated to exvotos.

St. Francis of Assisi Saltillo, Coahuilla
St. Francis of Assisi Saltillo, Coahuilla. “We dedicate this retablo to Saint Francis for having saved us. Rafael Hernandez,  Panfiles Juarez, and Ransisco Briones. Saltillo Coahuilla, February 1968”
St. Francis of Assisi San Luis Potosi
St. Francis of Assisi San Luis Potosi. “Lucas Games entrusted his son, Felix, 6 years old, to our Lord and to Saint Francis of Assisi. Felix was missing one morning, and they called to Saint Francis.  Having found him on the road, a man picked him up and took him home.  He was lost 18 hours.  His parents marveled and were full of happiness at this apparent miracle, and so dedicated this humble retablo. June 15, 1956, Pozas de Santa Ana, Municipio d Guadalcazar, San Luis Potosi”
St. Francis of Assisi Matehuala, San Luis Potosi
St. Francis of Assisi Matehuala, San Luis Potosi. “Giving thanks to Saint Francis, who allowed my daughter and I to cross the border without mishap. Felipa Medran Marcela Ramirez, Matehuala, San Luis Potosi, June 11, 1995.”
St. Francis of Assisi
St. Francis of Assisi. “I give thanks to God and to Saint Francis for the miracle of saving my animals.  I dedicate this memorial in thanks.  Francisco Robledo Espinoza, San Miguel de Aguirre.”

Photo Gallery of Exvotos

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