Xilitla is a magical place in San Luis Potosi

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Gabriel Benitez

Photo Gallery: Xilitla is a magical place in San Luis Potosi

Xilitla has so many structures it would be impossible to count them, such as this fragment of arches, columns and windows of the most varied architectural styles, built for the simple pleasure of feeling the wind, the dampness and the freedom that pervades every moment in this magical place…

Endless stairs leading to unsuspected destinations. Every step you climb becomes a lookout point in a site that embraces a myriad of thoughts and images.

Structures, dams, everything within reach of Edward James’ imagination, he achieved, captured here. The natural pools — pozas — invite a ritual swim, the pleasure enhanced by the breeze and the beauty of the waterfalls.

More than the integration of nature’s rich forms, Xilitla offers the opportunity to appreciate it both for what it is and as part of its jungle context.

Like an adventure novel, each step leads us to the discovery of new architectural forms in the most diverse styles, in harmony with the vegetation and Edward James’ creative genius.

The crystalline waters of the steam that exists in Xilitla, to which James annexed several dams in his very peculiar style, are a refreshing discovery in the tour of this site.

India? Singapore? Thailand? No, this is Mexico! It’s part of the magical legacy of the late Edward James.

Published or Updated on: January 1, 2006 by Gabriel Benitez © 2008
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