Lost Tribe Crest

The lost tribe

Considering we were relative newcomers, it was a surprise and an honor in 1979 when we were asked to join the planning committee for the 450th anniversary of the founding of our village of Jocotepec. I couldn’t resist saying to my husband, Georg, “I presume 450 years ago is when the Spaniards found it. The […]

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Georg paints the bride

Not your usual wedding – a Valentine’s Day story

Now that Jocotepec’s major annual festival, The Lord of the Mountain, is history once again, my thoughts turn to the next important holiday, Valentine’s Day, when we celebrate sweethearts and lovers. Here in Mexico February 14th is also known as Dia de la Amistad (Day of Friendship). What a typically warm and Latin addition to the […]

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Calle Rico, Nestipac, Jocotepec

Calle Rico

We were finally moving to Mexico, but when I first learned the name of my new street, Calle Rico, I was very dismayed. That name, Rich Street, symbolized some of my concerns about our newly constructed home. Not only was it larger and fancier than any other structure far and wide, but it also was set on […]

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