Pollo Empapelado Chicken in Parchment © Karen Hursh Graber, 2015

Grow Your Own Salsa: A Mexican Windowsill Garden and More

Throughout most of the Northern Hemisphere, spring means warmer weather and, for many, the gardening bug is biting. In Mexico, we have lived in everything from a small apartment with a diminutive balcony, to a large house with a sizeable yard, and have grown some basic kitchen ingredients in each of them. Now that we […]

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Weights, Measures and Conversions: Translations

  Common Cooking Conversions Fruit – Name Translations Vegetables – Name Translations Herbs & Spices – Name Translations Seafood – Name Translations Meats – Name Translations Poultry – Name Translations   Our unit conversion calculators are no longer active. To convert between common units please refer to the Google Unit Converter here.     Published […]

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Retire in Mexico: Live Better for Less by Dru Pearson

Cogan’s Reviews Here’s a volume that’s aimed very accurately at a specific target audience – namely, people who want more information about retiring in Mexico. Author Dru Pearson has done an excellent job of researching and compiling almost everything anyone needs to know about adopting this country as a place to spend one’s leisure years, […]

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