The garden and Casa Principal of Hacienda del Cortes.

Relive the romance of colonial Mexico at a hacienda hotel

Staying at a Mexican hacienda hotel is like being transported back in time. The casa principal or main house usually stands before an elegant garden ablaze with purple bougainvillea and red flamboyant. The perfume of orchids fills the air. At some haciendas a massive brick aqueduct arches above and through its arches flows a cerulean blue swimming […]

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Carmen Quinta

Evoking the ancient Maya: murals by Otoniel Baruck Sala

To conjure the world of the ancient Maya, all Otoniel Baruck Sala needs is a paintbrush and his imagination. This 31-year-old artist has spent more than half his life living on the Yucatán Peninsula, where his mind has long been steeped in Maya culture. “Since I was young, the Maya culture and civilization have always […]

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La Civilización Maya, Las Ciudades Mayas

El esplendor físico de la cultura maya se aprecia sobre todo en la arquitectura y decorado de sus ciudades. Estas ciudades-estado constituían la sede del poder de los reyes-sacerdotes que administraban la obediencia, el tributo y la fuerza de trabajo del pueblo que creía en ellos. Se han identificado muchas ciudades y centros ceremoniales mayas, […]

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The upper arcade of the convent overlooks the central courtyard and echoes the interior passageways that allow entry into the private quarters. The Ex-Convento de San Pablo Apostol in Yuriria, Michoacan dates from the 16th century. This original photograph forms part of the Olden Mexico collection. © Darian Day and Michael Fitzpatrick, 2010

Afternoon in Yuriria: a 16th century convent in Guanajuato

It was a chance thing, really. We were heading for Patzcuaro, almost due south of Guanajuato where we had spent the past several days on a photography and business junket. While we were checking out of our small hotel just this side of the tunnels that snake under old Guanajuato, the otherwise taciturn gentleman who […]

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South from Zacatecas: La Quemada archaeological site and Jerez, an undiscovered colonial gem

Two sites within an hour’s drive south of Zacatecas make it well worthwhile to linger at least an extra day when visiting this splendid colonial treasure, described in a previous Mexico Connect article. ( Zacatecas) The two sites in question are La Quemada (The Burnt) and Jerez (Sherry). La Quemada grew into the largest pre-Columbian settlement […]

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A view of Mexico's Ojuela ghost town from the mine. The narrow suspension bridge, the 'Puente de Ojuela,' is some 900 yards long. © Jeffrey B. Bacon, 2011

Puente de Ojuela in Durango: A 19th century suspension bridge from Mexico’s mining heyday

In a single second, excitement, awe, terror, and fascination passed through my mind, as I began the walk across Mapimi Municipality’s Ojuela Bridge, in the Chihuahuan Desert, of eastern Durango, Mexico. The adventure began years before the sole of my shoe touched the first plank of the more than 300-meter- (990-yard-) long bridge. As exciting […]

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Zumpango: the guardians of a forgotten cemetery

“Magic realism” describes a style of Latin American writing where dreams and reality meet on equal footing in worlds lying ephemerally in between, poised to subvert back to the norm the very instant a strange experience is realized. Writers such as Carlos Fuentes, Laura Esquivel and Gabriel Garcia Marquez draw as much from the landscape […]

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