Craftspeople show off their work in the market in Tequisquiapan, Queretaro. These colorful candles are crafted by hand. © Daniel Wheeler, 2009

Tequisquiapan: provincial Mexican charm in Queretaro

Only a two-hour drive from Mexico City, Tequisquiapan is the second most important tourist destination in Querétaro. Although it comes to life on weekends, it retains the charm of a Mexico’s provincial towns. Pleasant hotels and restaurants abound. There are trails for mountain biking. Underground rivers flow to the surface in thermal springs that can […]

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Mexican beer meets lemon, ice and salt in the michelada: step by step

GastroNomad in Mexico One of young Mexico’s favorite drinks, the michelada makes sense in all ways. Let’s face it — you think of the ingredients and you know Mexico’s got it right. A fresh and clear Mexican lager is always a must in this classic beverage. Mix it up with some lime juice and rough sea salt […]

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Ingredients for the classic margarita include tequila, Cointreau, the juice of fresh limes (limones) and bar syrup, a sugar-water mixture. Salt adorns the rim of the glass. © Daniel Wheeler, 2010

Classic and refreshing: Mexico’s margarita tequila cocktail

GastroNomad in Mexico When you think of Mexico and its hot summer days, think of a cool, and flavorful cocktail with the national drink, tequila — like the classic margarita. Many legends surround the margarita, but all of them affirm that this drink was created for a special lady who — in most of the stories — […]

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