Fishing boats, Puerto Angel

Puerto Angel, Oaxaca: Little Jewel On The Bay

“Port of the Angel” is a little known fishing village and beach getaway on the south coast of Mexico. Six hours from Oaxaca City and midway between Huatulco and Puerto Escondido, this beautiful little bay is almost completely encircled by steep hills linked like a jewel-studded necklace; such is the magic of Puerto Angel. The […]

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The mystical and magical pleasures of Puerto Vallarta

The ship’s embracing water is as still as the prevailing silence while I watch the sun rise from behind the Sierra Madre Mountains. Its glorious rays begin to rebound off red-tiled roofs of hillside bungalows that line the many dusty and tattered cobblestone lanes. Vacated golden beaches lie waiting in both directions, where bikini-clad sun […]

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