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Posted by Norm Wain on Junio 28, 2000

Wanting to be reasonably close to San Diego for my family in California and Kaiser HMO, I am probably moving to the Ensenada area later this year and hope to connect with people via e-mail who will be willing to answer some questions for me. I lived in San Jose Costa Rica for most of 1999 and I’m familiar with living in a 3rd world country but need input on living in Baja Norte. 1st question is availability and cost of apartment rentals-furnished or not, etc.

Posted by Val on Junio 28, 2000

Just returned from there and happy to answer your queries via email. In the meantime, here’s the website of a retired couple in Ensenada that has information on it: https://www.geocities/Heartland/Grove/4890/ Val

Posted by Brian Carraher on Junio 28, 2000

You won’t find any problem locating a suitable place to rent anywhere between Tijuana and Ensenada. You will, however, run into a problem if you ever need an ambulance to transport you for medical care at Kaiser. Check your contract with them very carefully. You will find that Kaiser only extends coverage to residents of the United States. A claim, such as emergency ambulance service to the border, would trigger an audit and consequent termination of coverage. Good luck.

Posted by Norm Wain on Junio 29, 2000

Thanks Brian – good information

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