Lois and Kai Hendriksen retired to Veracruz Mexico and opened a burger drive-in. © William B. Kaliher, 2010

Living, Working, Retiring in Mexico – Index Page

Living, working or retiring in Mexico is a dream for people in many parts of the world. For others, it has become a reality. This Resource Page is intended to provide a solid base of practical advice, viewpoints and personal experience. Through articles, resource materials and references, this Resource Section will assist those considering the move, […]

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Midlife Mavericks – Women Reinventing their Lives in Mexico

Cogan’s Reviews Here’s an interesting collection of stories of nineteen women who came on their own to Mexico in recent years to settle in the Lake Chapala area. The book consists of eighteen interviews plus the story of the author herself. The women range in age from their 40’s to their 80’s. Their backgrounds and […]

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Retire in Mexico: Live Better for Less by Dru Pearson

Cogan’s Reviews Here’s a volume that’s aimed very accurately at a specific target audience – namely, people who want more information about retiring in Mexico. Author Dru Pearson has done an excellent job of researching and compiling almost everything anyone needs to know about adopting this country as a place to spend one’s leisure years, […]

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