Pictures of Puebla, Mexico

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Rick Meyer

Pictures of Puebla, Mexico

Puebla is an industrial city of the first order. Though the downtown architecture is virtually exclusively colonial style, you still have the feel that you are in canyons of buildings due to their proximity. The zocalo is the heart pumping with activity, often demonstrations, since this is also the state capital. On your route to the zocalo from the wide Boulevard Cinco de Mayo is the artsy, bohemian area called Parian.

There is a pedestrian mall heading north from the zocalo also called (Avenue) Cinco de Mayo. It is possible to walk to the Civic Center Cerro (hill) de Guadalupe just east of town where the actual Cinco de Mayo battle (against the French) was fought (and won). The plaza de toros, auditorium, planetarium, and olympic stadium are here.

North of town is the largest bus station I have ever seen called CAPU with service to the Mexico City airport for 130 pesos. Most city busses display CAPU indicating it as a stop. To get from CAPU to the zocalo take a bus displaying “Boulevard” (Cinco de Mayo) across the street (skywalks) from the station.      (Pictures taken May 5, 2004)

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