Mexican microeconomics: The Tuesday market in San Miguel de Allende

Like a shimmering mirage that lasts only until your next blink, the Tuesday Market, or tianguis, appears once a week at dawn, assembled upon a vast windswept concrete slab near the parking lot of the San Miguel municipal sports complex. Just as quickly, it evaporates after sunset. Each week, from battered pickups and vans, a hoard of […]

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Entrance to the old mansion that would become the Posada de las Minas boutique hotel in Mineral de Pozos, Guanajuato © John Scherber, 2012

Mineral de Pozos: Life among the ruins in a Mexican mining town

Driving up the long rise into Mineral de Pozos, framed by the gray-brown humpbacked mountains once laced with veins of silver and gold, the visitor first sees the stone walls of the cemetery, the panteón, before he enters the town. It seems like a fitting introduction to a city that nearly died itself, sinking from a population […]

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Audubon de Mexico: Educating children in San Miguel de Allende

Audubon de Mexico: A community partner for ecological awareness

I’m sitting in a third grade class at the Independencia School in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Aside from the charming teacher, there’s hardly a full set of teeth in the room, although nobody’s smile appears to be diminished by this defect. The teacher’s name is Fatima Almeida and she does not work for the […]

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With a scholarship from Jovenes Adelante, this San Miguel Allende student is learning biotechnology © John Scherber, 2013

Jovenes Adelante: Scholarships for deserving students in San Miguel de Allende

It started in 2001 with supplying a pair of shoes so that a young man didn’t have to go to college barefoot. He’d already won a scholarship. A San Miguel woman named Helen Morris provided them, and a relationship blossomed from there. Soon she was joined by Virginia Wheelwright and several others in providing financial […]

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