Mezcala Island © Belva Velazquez, 2008

Art galleries in the Lake Chapala – Ajijic area

The north shore of Lake Chapala is alive with the arts in all their manifestations. Music and dance — from folk to classical, theater in English at the Lakeside Little Theatre, book clubs and creative writing groups complement the offering of galleries. Here are some suggestions to get you started. The telephone numbers are local. […]

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Fragment of the mural: “People and landscape of Michoacán”

Alfredo Zalce: Mexican muralist and Michoacan’s living legend

Alfredo Zalce, at age 94, is the elder of Mexico’s last living renowned, great revolutionary muralists. He was born in Patzcuaro, in the state of Michoacan, on January 12, 1908. During his early years he became friends with Mexico’s older great artists, including Rivera, Tamayo, Siquieros, Orozco, and Kahlo. He founded art schools and organizations […]

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Frida: A Novel Based on the Life of Frida Kahlo by Barbara Mujica

Cogan’s Reviews It’s hard for a reader to know exactly what to make of this one. Is it fiction? Or is it biography? Or is it something in between? In an author’s note Ms. Mujica states: “Although events in Mexican history and in Frida’s life provide the general framework, many incidents and characters portrayed here […]

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Mexican Folk Art from Oaxacan Artist Families by Arden Aibel Rothstein and Anya Leah Rothstein

Cogan’s Reviews This month features a rather unusual volume. At first glance it appears to be one of those handsome coffee table books full of colorful photographs – and, in a way, there’s a very definite element of that about it. However, a closer look reveals that this is a volume with much, much more […]

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Raul Ybarra: Embryography of a Mexican jeweler

Embryography of a jeweler Raúl Ybarra

It is perhaps only in the “advanced” civilizations that artists are elevated above craftsmen, with the former thought to be leading the cultural vanguard while the latter are only practicing traditional folk crafts. This attitude often separates the artistic talent from the technical prowess of art. There is nothing wrong with a painter who relies […]

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Javier Vasquez: Jazzamoart, the jazz painter of Mexico Cit

Javier Vasquez – Jazzamoart- The Jazz Painter Of Mexico City

For the Mexican painter Javier Vasquez, painting is performance – a performance done to jazz. As he paints, his hand and brush flash across the canvas, echoing and replicating in paint the rhythms and riffs of the music. He works with the intensity and spontaneity of the action painters of the 1950’s, but for him […]

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James and pet macaw relax at home. Of his constant bird companions he once said, "I am turning into a parrot."

Las Pozas: Edward James’ fantasy stands tall in a jungle in Mexico

We jounce for five hours in a pickup truck heading west from Tampico over the dusty Mexican plain to the Sierra Madre, up and up into a green world-peaks as sudden as the mountains of Moorea, tree-covered jagged ranges huge enough to be the molars of God, past coffee plantations, ramping bougainvillea, banana trees, crashing […]

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Frida Kahlo

Famous Mexicans on their stamps – Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was a talented artist considered by many to be a modern master. She also was a tough lady, fighting physical adversity from early childhood. Her artwork provides a look into her tormented body and soul. Her colorful, graphic paintings mirror her life story. Both are controversial! She holds several firsts as a Mexican […]

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Mariachis perform at a gala held at the Hacienda of Nogueras, Comala, Colima.

Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo – Universal artist from Colima

In the half-light I enter the ‘horno’ or oven room. A base of reds frames the pre-Hispanic pieces in the Museum of Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo. It is easy to imagine the fiery origin of the land and the fire that formed the ancient ceramics. Outside, the Volcano of Fire smokes above the countryside. And so I meet […]

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