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Posted by Rob on Junio 07, 2000

I am moving to Monterey, and would like to know what it is like to live there. I already have a job there, but will I be accepted among the people? Are there any good places to rent? Is it safe for me and my girlfriend? Please respond, I leave very soon and need this info…..

Posted by Texas Dave on Junio 08, 2000

I lived in Monterrey for over 10 years, its a nice place to live and raise a family and much safer than most large U.S. cities. As far as being accepted? It will depend on you and your Spanish, and Monterrey has lots of nice places to rent but it’s not cheap! suerte…Texas Dave

Posted by tapatiogringo on Junio 07, 2000

The weather is nasty hot, but the city is booming financially. All my reps who are originally from other areas like Mexico City, Guad. and other places say it is a really mellow place for its size. Traffic isn’t that bad and the people are for the most part nice. It is expensive to live there especially in the nicer areas though. The crime there is nothing like in other Mexican cities. Just make sure you have an air conditioner.

Posted by David Eidell on Junio 07, 2000

You have far more guts than I, accepting employment in an area of which you know nothing about—–Monterrey is a HUGE city of about 3 million, including drug addicts, murderers, robbers, nice neighbors, indifferent neighbors, busy norteño workers, great food, and a climate ready-made for Dante’s inferno. Bad smog, good nightlife, bad traffic, good access to US goods. Over three million people – you’ll find everything that you aren’t looking for.

Posted by Rick on Junio 07, 2000

Rob, I have been living in Monterrey for 3 months now and I love the city. You are completely surrounded by wonderful mountains. It does get very hot there, but the people are wonderful and the best area to live in is in de Valle, which is a suburb. That is where I live and it is the best area to live in. Rent can be high but if you let me know what budget you are working with for a place to rent let me know, my father-in-law has several homes that he rents out.

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