Driving in Mexico: Requirements, safety, routes

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In addition to the picturesque roads that wind through the countryside, Mexico has many modern highways and toll highways that quickly take you to your destination./

Tourists can obtain car permits at the border and also beforehand by applying at consulates on online.

Driving in Mexico is a wonderful way to see the country. Let MexConnect help you plan and enjoy your trip.

Crossing the border by car

Navigating Mexican highways and byways

Be alert when driving in Mexico. Review the Spanish language roadsigns before you take the wheel, and plan your driving routes in advance. Here are some helpful tips and information.

Mechanical problems?

Mexico has excellent mechanics as well as dealership garages in the cities. But the parts of a car and the procedures have Spanish names. What should you expect should you have a mechanical problem while on the road in Mexico?

Accidents: What you need to know

Unfortunately, accidents can happen everywhere. It’s wise to be aware of the laws in Mexico and what to do should you suffer a fender bender or something more serious.


Did you know that federal law now requires liability insurance? Legal insurance is always a good idea when driving in Mexico. Find out what’s needed to protect yourself and others.

Driving Routes

Mexconnect readers share their personal experience with these travelogues.

Published or Updated on: May 10, 2011
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