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2008 Chapala Through The Ages; an anthology of travellers’ tales. (Sombrero Books).

2006 Chapter entitled “Recreación y turismo en la cuenca Lerma-Chapala” (Recreation and Tourism in the Lerma-Chapala Basin) in La cuenca Lerma-Chapala. Un Atlas sobre el ambiente, su gente y los recursos. (Mexico: INE/UNAM/CONACYT)

2005 Chapter entitled “Climate and Geography” in Mexico’s Lake Chapala & Ajijic. The Insider’s Guide, by Teresa Kendrick. (2nd edition MTI)

2004 El Occidente de México; un tesoro para el viajero (translation by Lorenza Castiello V. of Western Mexico: A Traveller’s Treasury, Sombrero Books)

1993, 1997, 2001 Western Mexico: A Traveller’s Treasury (3rd edition, Perception Press, 2001).

1977 Islands in the Sun: St. Kitts, Nevis and Anguilla (Government of St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla).


2008 “Lake Chapala Village Street Plans and Touring Maps”. Revised, full-color edition, with street index.

1996, 2001, 2003, 2005,  “Lake Chapala Village Street Plans and Touring Maps”.

2000-2008 Series of interactive on-line maps for Mexico Connect website – see Map Index


1997. “Can Mexico’s Largest Lake Be Saved?”, pp. 68-71 in Ecodecision, No. 23, Winter 1997.

1988. “Comentario a un artículo sobre geomorfología“, pp. 53-55 in Geografía, Año 1, No. 2. (INEGI, Mexico).

1985 “A Sediment Sock: or non-quantitative instant suspended sediment analysis in the field“, by C. Seiffert, Bottorf, Bruce, Tolson & Burton, in Teaching Geography, Vol. 10, No. 3, January 1985

1982. “Sun and Sombreros; Some Observations on Fieldwork in Mexico“, pp. 171-175 in Teaching Geography, Vol. 7, No. 4, April 1982.


More than 200 published travel, natural history and eco-tourism articles, usually with original photographs. Published credits include:

  • Access Mexico Connect
  • Aeromagazine
  • Aerovias
  • Chapala Riviera Guide
  • Ecodecision
  • El Jalisciense
  • El Ojo de Lago
  • Lake Chapala Review
  • Los Cabos News
  • Manzanillo Riviera Guide
  • Ocho Columnas
  • Mexico File
  • Mexico Journal
  • Mexico West (now Clubmex)
  • Traveler’s Guide to Mexico
  • Travel Mexico
  • Travelmex


1998. Espacios del lago de Chapala. Carlos Valencia Pelayo. Editorial Agata, Guadalajara.

1996. A Drink Named Tequila. José‚ María Muriá. Editorial Agata, Guadalajara.

1995. Juan Rulfo and the South of Jalisco. Wolfgang Vogt. Editorial Agata, Guadalajara.

1994. Tonala Ceramics – Living Roots. Gutierre Aceves. Editorial Agata, Guadalajara.

1993. Paricutín, 50 years after its birth. Simón Lázaro Jiménez. Editorial Agata, Guadalajara.

1992. Past Times in Chapala. Jesús González Gortázar. Editorial Agata, Guadalajara.

1988. Maps and Charts of Mexico from the sixteenth century to the nineteenth century. Various authors. INEGI/INAH, Mexico.


“El Lago Se Pierde por el Agua” (Missing the Lake for the Water…) First International Seminar on Techniques and Current Methods for the Rehabilitation of Lakes and Rivers. Guadalajara, Mexico. 1996

“La Importancia de investigaciones de campo como componente integral en programas de educación ambiental”. Interamerican Environmental Education Congress. Guadalajara, Mexico. 1992

“La Metodología de la Educación Ambiental” and “El Uso racional del agua” at the State Ecology Forum, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco. 1991

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