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Photo Gallery: Tulum, Mexico and Tikal, Guatemala: Mayan cities - Ciudades mayas


To the foreigner, the words ‘Maya’ and ‘Mayan’ conjure up images of archeological ruins and a lost society and culture. Currently, the word ‘Chiapas’ brings to mind rebellion, Sub Commandante Marcos and a sense of confusion.

What many do not understand is the relationship between the historical Maya and today’s living expression of that culture in the form of many Indigenous groups. What is also not clearly understood is that the so called Chiapas crisis is not a recent conflict, but in fact a modern expression of issues and conflicts that reach back over 400 years.

The Maya Insight Series by Luis Dumois

Luis Dumois is a student of the Maya, their history, culture and artifacts, and in a series of Articles and Photo Essays, will be exploring these themes.

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Palenque: The Palace seen from the Temple of the Sun

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