Lois and Kai Hendriksen retired to Veracruz Mexico and opened a burger drive-in. © William B. Kaliher, 2010

Living, Working, Retiring in Mexico – Index Page

Living, working or retiring in Mexico is a dream for people in many parts of the world. For others, it has become a reality. This Resource Page is intended to provide a solid base of practical advice, viewpoints and personal experience. Through articles, resource materials and references, this Resource Section will assist those considering the move, […]

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Where did the word ‘gringo’ come from anyway?

When expatriates leave their homes in Mexico to visit their places of birth, they sometimes playfully refer to their original country as ” Gringolandia.” Where, I wondered, did the word “gringo“ come from anyway? Why, for example, are we not called “Yankees” by the Mexicans, as we are in other countries? One of the main differences appears to […]

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Mexican Samurai

In the mid-sixties while others were espousing peace, love, and rock and roll, Gaby Shiraga left Japan and came to Mexico. He spoke only Japanese, ordering his first foreign meal by miming a chicken laying eggs. The waiter immediately understood and brought Gaby’s sunny-side-up breakfast. No one knows how he ordered the bacon. Gaby, an […]

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