Native to Mexico, poinsettias grow in a variety of colors. © Diodora Bucur, 2009

The poinsettia, Mexico’s Christmas gift to the world

Holiday poinsettias are as much a part of the Christmas fabric as the Nativity scene or the traditional wreaths. Native to Mexico, poinsettias are classic winter bloomers. Commonly known here as flores de nochebuena, or flowers of the Holy Night, have come to resonate with Christians beyond the country’s borders. As many as 500 million fire plants […]

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Mexico's Aguascalientes-born bullfighter Miguel Espinosa, also known as "Armillita Chico," performed in 1,330 corridas de toros throughout his career. © Diodora Bucur, 2010

San Marcos fair: an opportunity to visit colonial Aguascalientes

Preparations are in full swing in Aguascalientes for the traditional Feria Nacional de San Marcos, a three-week spring fiesta the city of natural hot springs is best known for. About seven million revelers are expected to descend upon this central colonial city between April 17 and May 9, for the festival that promises to entertain […]

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In Catemaco, Veracruz, sorcerer's ceremonies generally blend indigenous rites and chanted prayers calling upon Catholic saints © Ayuntamiento de Catemaco, 2010 Veracruz town hosts the annual National Congress of Sorcerers: Image 1 of 7

Catemaco: Mexico’s cradle of sorcery and witchcraft

This Veracruz town hosts the annual National Congress of Sorcerers. Magic-filled stories abound in Mexico: curanderos claiming to cure illness with herbs and special oils and sorcerers insisting they can bring back straying spouses or cast evil spells on enemies. A Mexican union leader travelling to Africa to partake in a “black magic” ritual sacrificing a lion […]

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Clay figurines depict the dead carrying out the same tasks they did while still alive.

Aguascalientes’ Museum of Death welcomes you

As October draws to an end, a period of profound mysticism dawns in the heart of Mexico, a time to remember the departed but not without joy. In the hometown of José Guadalupe Posada, the celebrated creator of the hollow-eyed, grinning skull known as Catrina, festivities are already well underway days before the November 2 Day […]

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