Mexico’s Lake Chapala And Ajijic

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Teresa Kendrick

The Insider’s Guide to the Northshore for International Travellers by Teresa A. Kendrick

Mexico’s Lake Chapala and Ajijic: The Insiders Guide to the Northshore for International Travelers by Teresa A. Kendrick is a comprehensive 170-plus page guide to one of the most sought-after destinations in Mexico.

Designed for the traveler, the book includes detailed information about the geography and ecology of the area by Tony Burton, wise cultural cues by Carol Wheeler Esparza, really useful tips on language by Gerry Mugford Fowler, money and banking information by John A. Miller and a calendar of local fiestas by Dale Hoyt Palfrey, all accomplished writers.

The book, filled with beautiful color photography by Pablo Fernandez del Valle and John Frost, provides “nuts and bolts” information on how to do just about everything while you’re here — from accessing the Internet, using the phones, having your car repaired, shopping, worshipping, grooming, contacting medical and veterinarian services, booking hotel rooms, finding restaurants, and riding the buses — to keeping fit and replacing lost keys!

The book includes information on hiking, nightlife, art lessons, gallery trekking, and nearby sightseeing locations, as well. Whether you are driving or flying into the area, we give you useful information on getting here and getting home safely.

Our expert researchers and editors helped make the book a truly effective and authentic guide. To our knowledge no book in any language contains even a fraction of the information we’ve included. Due to be printed in January 2000, its companion map guide, updated from originals by Tony Burton, is already available at prime locations on the Northshore.

Mexico’s Lake Chapala and Ajijic: The Insiders Guide is available from Amazon Books: Paperback

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Published or Updated on: June 1, 2000 by Teresa Kendrick © 2000
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