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Ron Mader

Bus travel in Mexico is among the finest in the world. Bus stations, called centrales camioneras, are comparable to European train depots. The quality and frequency of Mexican buses will delight any traveler, especially those who have experienced their counterparts in the United States.

There is no single website that provides a one-stop guide to Mexican buses, so at first glance, finding information on the Web may seem as chaotic as the bus terminals themselves! But if you know where you’re going, the Web offers great tools for novice and veteran travelers alike.

Vaya con Dios.


Mexico Bus Travel Information

This simple website showcases what the Web does best: providing venues for people to flaunt their individualism to a global audience. In this case, the Webhost Steve attempts to convey the wonders of Mexican bus travel to fellow gringos.

“Solo travel is ideal for bus travel. Every cross-road junction offers new potential destinations. I’ve traveled with a friend or two, but being on my own gives me the freedom to go and do as I please. It forces me to get involved with the people I meet along the way. I have to speak the language or go hungry,” he says.

The site includes a review of what to expect on Mexican bus classes, a guide to estimating fares in dollars and all the answers you need for getting from the U.S. border to the Mexican interior.
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Linea Uno
Linea Uno is one of Mexico’s premier bus lines and provides service to more than 20 destinations in the Southeast and Gulf regions of Mexico. It calls itself “airline service on the ground,” which could probably describe most of Mexico’s top-end bus lines. This is a far-cry from Greyhound!

The English-language page ( provides information on ticket outlets, destinations and even the company history. The site also has information on schedules and prices, and allows on-line reservations. Or, call the listed toll-free number.
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Other Recommended Sites

Mexico by Bus

Check out this interesting travelogue by Peter Rashkin recounting his motorized pilgrimage from the U.S. border to the town of Mixtepec, in the Oaxacan mountains.

ADO GL Autotransporte

This site is a beauty. ADO GL is another option for traveling to Southeast and Gulf regions. The site includes an English-language page (, and offers on-line reservations.

Estrella de Oro

This well-known bus line is more than 50 years old and provides service to Pacific-coast destinations like Acapulco and Ixtapa, as well as inland towns like Taxco. You can also make reservations.

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