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Posted by Richard Alt on July 30, 1997:

My wife and I have just returned from Ajijic. While there we toured real estate with a very competent man. We are currently negotiating for a property which is a walled lot with all utilities installed, a basic foundation, cistern, etc. for a small home. What we are trying to determine now is what the cost per square foot will be for average construction. We realize that costs can very greatly due to luxury ammenities. That’s why I indicated average or middle of the road construction costs. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Building costs

Posted by Ernie Gorrie on July 30, 1997:

I can’t comment specifically on the Lake Chapala area, but I can give you an idea of costs in the Zihuatanejo area.

We are building a 96 sq meter (1033 sq ft) house outside of Zihuatanejo. The builder estimated US$25-$30/sq ft. The costs went up considerably when we moved from a tile roof to a poured slab flat deck roof that we can finish off as a second floor if we want to later.

Currently, we are looking at CDN$84,000 (approximately US$60,000). This is on raw land. We needed to put in a septic system, hook up to electricity, clear the lot, etc. This price includes the IMSS fees, architect fees, permits, etc.

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