Huichol artwork: celestial things

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Robert Otey

Huichol artwork: celestial things

The eclipse has special meaning for the Huichol, because it represents the eclipse of July 11 1991 at 10:21 A.M. Pacific Coast time. This is the sixth sun according to the ancient Meso-American Calendars of the Maya. When Cortez arrived it was the begining of the fifth sun. As we all know, Cortez changed their world more than any other force they had ever encountered in their past. Evidently they are expecting some large scale Earth changes according to their divine cosmology.

Editor’s note: Authentic Huichol art is available from in association with National Geographic. Each piece is hand-crafted using traditional techniques, and many pieces are signed. A link is provided from every work of Huichol art to the bio of its creator.

Courtesy Robert Otey and adapted here from his Site with his kind permission.

Published or Updated on: May 1, 1997 by Robert Otey © 1997

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