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Photo gallery: The state of Colima, Mexico

If you had to live the rest of your life in one Mexican State, which one would it be? A straw-poll of MexConnect readers suggests that their choice might well be Colima.


Because not only is Colima the perfect introduction to Mexico, boasting a little bit of everything, but it also avoids the excesses that characterize some coastal areas.

Manzanillo Bay
Manzanillo Bay

Yet, it has it all: tropical beaches, superb hotels, serious hiking, rock-climbing, thousand year old tombs, spelunking, great golf courses, bird-watching… you name it, you can probably do it somewhere in the state!

Colima may be small in area but it boasts an extraordinary diversity of scenery, culture, folklore and tourist attractions.

More Golfing
Las Hadas Hotel and Golf Course

Join our writers as they explore Colima, from its charming capital city to its snow-capped volcanoes, and from its ancient haciendas to colorful local fiestas.


Cities & Towns

Click map to access interactive map of Colima

Click map to access interactive map of Colima

Picture Galleries: a visual tour

Colima Volcano
Colima Volcano


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