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Manuel España Ramos

LENT is very important in the lives of all Mexicans who profess the Catholic faith, and in a very special way the people of Ajijic.

Lent means a time of penance, conversion, prayer and of living our baptism in true faith by the day-to-day deeds of our lives. “Jesus offers his life in sacrifice for all the human beings inhabiting this earth”.

In Ajijic this celebration is most outstanding and meaningful; it begins on Ash Wednesday, when the entire community gathers around the parish church to acknowledge that we believe in, live by and repent by the Gospel.

On the first Friday of Lent, the procession of “The Lord of Mercy” goes through the main streets of the town, imploring mercy for our sins.

On Ash Wednesday and all Fridays throughout Lent, we fast and abstain from eating flesh meat, and this is when the delicious and traditional “Capirotada” is eaten – a kind of dessert made of sliced crusty rolls, raisins, pecans, butter, milk, cheese, brown sugar, tomatoes, onions, plantains and other secrets of the Mexican cuisine. This sounds like a strange combination, but it is very popular in Mexico and there are many Americans who really enjoy it.

On the Friday of Passion Week, before Good Friday, people set up altars in their homes with the image of “Our Lady of Sorrows”, and decorate them with pinked tissue-paper cutout, plants, chamomile flowers, calla lilies, candles and diverse figures representing the story of Salvation; and fresh fruit drinks are offered to visitors.

Holy Week, or Major Week, when the people live their faith with the most intensity, begins on Palm Sunday, also with a procession through many of the main streets of the town and with the blessing of the palms in the parish church.

Year after year, on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, many enthusiastic young actors, directed by Eduardo Ramos Cordero, gather to travel the Holy Way of the Cross, going through several of the main streets and re-enacting the crucifixion of Christ at the foot of the mountain. This is an event which, thanks to the effort and dedication of all, has become a real tradition and an interesting feature for all who visit the town.

Further information about these and other activities during Lent is available at the parish church of Saint Andrew in Ajijic.

Published or Updated on: February 4, 2007 by Manuel España Ramos © 2008
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