Mexican guava water drink: Agua de guayaba

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Karen Hursh Graber

Just the aroma of fresh guavas is enough to inspire visions of lolling in a hammock in some tropical hideaway. Guavas have seed sacs nearly identical-looking to those found in tomatoes, and they are removed before using the fruit. They have a thin skin which is easy to peel and, though not particularly attractive, hold a flavorful flesh inside. Mexican guava water is a good drink to serve when you are trying for something a bit on the exotic side. Agua de guayaba is a bit more full-bodied than the others, more like a fruit nectar. It should be served very cold, over ice. It mixes nicely with light rum and a squirt of soda water.


  • 1 cup peeled, seeded and diced guava
  • 5 cups water
  • 1/2 cup sugar, or to taste

Put the guava in the blender with just enough of the water to cover.

Blend until the guava and water are combined to form a smooth, thick pulp.

Transfer to a pitcher, add the remaining water and the sugar and stir well. Do not strain.

Chill thoroughly before serving over ice.

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