Chela Campos and Luis Aguilar. Courtesy of D A Huse.

Our Aunt Chela: international singer Chela Campos, aka The Lady with the Crystal Cane

My husband’s Aunt Chela was a famous singer, who performed internationally. Fifteen years ago, I decided to write a book about Aunt Chela’s life for our family. I searched the internet for information on her appearances in Los Angeles, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. but found nothing. Wikipedia had only one paragraph of the most basic, […]

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Did you know? Mexico’s Nobel Prize nominee and music revolutionary

A Mexican who tried to revolutionize the world of classical music was once nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics. In 1950, Julián Carrillo was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics. The nomination was something of a surprise to the scientific community since Carrillo was far better known as one of Mexico’s top violinists […]

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The Pyramid of Kukulkan, Chichen Itza. Photo by Tony Burton

Did you know? Mayan architects built world’s oldest sound recordings

Modern sound recordings usually involve tiny disks which can hold dozens of tracks, specially designed to be easily portable and convenient. The Maya may have had different priorities. David Lubman has proposed that the earliest sound recording so far discovered on the planet may well be the main pyramid at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan. […]

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A fountain on a Mexican street honors Our Lady of Dolores on the Friday preceding Palm Sunday © Edythe Anstey Hanen, 2014

Mexico good news, Gloria Trevi, protests, soup in a gourd

MexConnect readers, a priceless lot, ask occasional questions via e-mail. They receive sincere efforts at answers. Some exchanges have the potential to interest others. You’ll know shortly whether they interest you. Question: Is there any good news in Mexico? Answer 1: Of course there is. Mangos are ripening and the price per kilo has dropped […]

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