The “Indian Time” syndrome

The Mañana Principle- Mañana means tomorrow, right? Wrong! In Indian space-time, mañana can mean almost anytime … next week, next month … possibly never. However, it can be a most useful word once you disassociate yourself from American ideas of punctuality. Mañana is a polite way of never saying “no” without having to say ‘yes”. When will the lawn be […]

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Chile serrano gives guacamole a spicy bite that perfectly complements the avocado's creamy flavor. © Daniel Wheeler, 2009

In Mexico, Chile Is The Spice Of Life

Here’s a key phrase to memorize before heading to Mexico. “Es muy picante?” Whenever a waiter answers this question with, “Sí señora,” I’m forewarned. In the first bite, my mouth will erupt with the combustible spices and chiles on which Mexicans flourish. “To us, food has to be spicy to be good,” says Lula Bertran, Mexico’s leading […]

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