Handmade Mexican dolls © Daniel Wheeler, 2011

In Mexico, April 30 is Children’s Day: el Dia del Niño

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are widely celebrated throughout the world. But Mexico is such an inclusive culture. Children’s Day is always filled with activities, and children look forward to a holiday all their own with fun, gifts and special events. Many schools celebrate the day before and parents are invited. Of course, there are […]

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Day of the Dead: Pictures of Oaxaca

Day of the Dead or El Dia de los Muertos in Oaxaca

Drawn by the intrigue of all-night vigils in cemeteries and life-size skeletons propped jauntily in shop windows, tourists flock to Oaxaca and other points in Mexico for Day of the Dead. During the last week in October, voyeurs come to observe and to photograph the “picturesque” practices of “quaint” indigenous Mexicans. The idea of reunions […]

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The Passion of Christ: Easter in Ixtapalapa, a Mexico City neighborhood

Easter in Mexico, Semana Santa and Pascua: a Mexican holiday resource page

For Mexico, the Easter holidays are a combination of Semana Santa (Holy Week — Palm Sunday to Easter Saturday) and Pascua (Resurrection Sunday until the following Saturday). For most Mexicans, this 2 week period is the time of year for holiday vacations (good time to not be on the highways — just stay put and […]

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Calendar of Mexican food festivals

Possibly no other country in the world has as many festivals, fairs and feast days as Mexico. National holidays, religious holidays and people’s santos (saints’ days) are all celebrated with gusto, as are the observances of the patron saints of virtually every city, town and pueblito. The santoral, or calendar of saints’ days, is so crowded with names […]

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Nacimiento de cera, molded wax combined with fabric, author unknown, Salamanca, Guanajuato, date unknown © Anthony Wright, 2012

Mexico’s Christmas traditions: Posadas, pastorelas and nacimientos

Decorated evergreen trees, garlands of greens and ivy, yule logs, shiny glass balls, seasonal music, twinkling lights, special family meals, shimmering stars, brilliantly red poinsettias, silvery ribbons, mounds of presents, and Santa Claus are the vibrant heralds of the Christmas season in the United States and Canada. Few North Americans recognize that the roots of […]

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Parents diligently arranged this group of children for photographers. Increasingly, the customs of Hallowe'en are creeping into Day of the Dead festivities in Oaxaca and other parts of Mexico.

Through the lens: Dia de los Muertos – Day of the Dead – photo galleries

Day of the Dead, one of the most important celebrations in Mexico, is understandably difficult for foreigners to fully comprehend. Cemeteries full of families, flowers, food, and music seem daunting to the uninitiated. It took me many years to “get” it, to realize that it’s okay to venture into graveyards and join the festive mood. […]

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