Our Day of the Dead Tribute to David McLaughlin, this site’s founder

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David McLaughlin, the visionary founder of MexConnect, passed away in September 2019 and is greatly missed by all who knew him or worked with him.  As Day of the Dead draws near, we pay tribute to his extraordinary drive and dedication which ensured that MexConnect, founded in 1996, became the world’s leading English-language website devoted to all things Mexican.

Back in 2005, David published his own, very personal, and very interesting take on Day of the Dead:

Sadly, David knew all about loss from his own tragic experiences in life: he lost a teenage son, killed in an accident, and two women he truly loved to debilitating illnesses. But David refused to let anything diminish his enthusiasm for life or quench his thirst for knowledge. He was an amazingly talented man in so many ways and a good friend to all. David, we miss you.

Our resource page with links to dozens of articles related to Day of the Dead:

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