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Posted by Tammi Lewis on Marzo 22, 2000

I am a RN who’s looking to move to Mexico and work there. Can anyone provide me with information about how to do this? Is it true that RN’s do not make much money there even with a Master’s degree?

Posted by Bill on Marzo 22, 2000

There is currently an oversupply of RN’s in Mexico. More nurses are trained than there are jobs for them. It is highly unlikely that the government will give you a visa to work as a nurse in Mexico. Your chances of approval increase if you have a hard to fill specialty. You might want to send an inquiry to the American British Cowdray Hospital and Medical Center, in Mexico City (a bilingual hospital) and see what they say. If you do find work, you can expect to earn, probably, about 1/3 of what you now earn. If you are really determined, go for it, maybe you’ll be the exception. Good luck!

Posted by Esteban on Marzo 22, 2000

Have you thought about living in Mexico and working part-time in the US for ? If they like you, they’ll fly you to and from your Mexican home while you work for them

Published or Updated on: March 22, 2000


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5 thoughts on “Registered nurses working in Mexico

    1. Please note that you are commenting on an archived Discussion Thread from 2000. It is very difficult for non-Mexicans to obtain permission to work as a registered nurse in Mexico.

  1. Hi Tony, have you done research on this or do you have a personal experience? I am in London but thinking to go to Mexico. Thank you.

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