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Non Emergency Services

United States Consular Office – Guadalajara

175 Progreso
44100 Jalisco, Mexico

Web Site:

For American Citizen Services & Federal Benefits: – Lopez Cotilla
For Non-Immigrant Visas – Libertad

(3) 825-2700 or (3) 825-2998

Hours of Service:
General telephone response: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.
Passports and Citizenship: 8:00 am to 11:00 am.
Notarial and other services: 8:00 am to 11:00 am.
Emergency Services: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm – After these hours call (3) 826-5553

The Consular Office provides services in three areas:

  1. Visa Unit: provides information and Visas for non-US citizens wishing to travel to the US.
  2. Federal Benefits Unit: provides services to US citizens in the areas of Social Security, Veteran’s Benefits and other Federal income programs.
  3. American Citizens Services Unit: provides a wide range of non-emergency and emergency services to US citizens.

Non-emergency Services

  1. Voluntary Registration with American Citizen Services Unit

    1. For US Citizens: Helps in establishing US citizenship and Identification in case your Passport or travel documents become lost or stolen.
    2. For American Citizen Services Unit: helps the Unit to pass on emergency messages to you, or to advise others who may be concerned about your welfare or whereabouts.
    3. How to Register: Bring your proof of US citizenship and Identification. This can be either your Passport, your birth certificate with photo identification (i.e. Driver’s Licence),or your national certification with photo identification (i.e. Driver’s Licence).
  2. Passports
    The American Citizen Services Unit can provide renewal of expiring Passports.
    If you have lost your Passport, a replacement Passport may be issued if you provide proof of US Citizenship and Identification. If you have previously Registered, that information can be used instead.
  3. Fees for renewal or replacement as of June 1996-2006 are US $55.00 for people 18 years and older; for those under 18 years, US $40.00.
  4. There is a US $10:00 application fee if you are not in possession of your previous Passport which has been issued within the last 12 years.
  5. If you have lost everything, the Unit may issue a “Boarding Letter” to assist you onto an airplane back to the US.

  6. Determination of US Citizenship (US $10.00 fee)
    1. First-time applicants for Passports.
    2. Children born abroad of two US Citizens (one with residence in the US prior to birth of child).
    3. Children born abroad of one US Citizen and one non-US citizen.
    4. Fraud cases – the American Citizen Services Unit tries to detect false claims of US Citizenship.

  7. Notarials
    The Consular Officer may act as a Notary Public for documents requiring Notarization (usually for documents for use in the US).
  8. The fees for these services are $55.00 USD.

  9. Voter Registration and Voting Information.
    1. Registration: apply at the American Citizen Services Unit during office hours.
    2. Information on up-coming elections and requirements for different States: call or visit the American Citizen Services Unit during regular hours.

Emergency Services

  1. Death of a US Citizen
    1. If the deceased was alone, the American Citizen Services Unit will notify the family and may act as only as liaison for local arrangements and funeral homes.
    2. If the deceased has remaining family present, the American Citizen Services Unit may provide information as to available services, but cannot recommend or act on behalf of the family.
    3. In all cases, the American Citizen Services Unit will prepare a Report of Death, which is used for settling legal matters in the US.
  2. Illness
    1. The American Citizen Services Unit can provide a list of Doctors, but cannot make recommendations.
    2. Liaison with family and, if necessary, the Department of State to assist in the transfer of funds if emergency financial assistance is required.
  3. Destitute US Citizens
    1. Contact the Consulate.
  4. Auto Accidents
    1. All US citizens driving in Mexico are required to have insurance. Thus, if involved in an accident, contact the Insurance Agency as soon as possible.
    2. If the accident is not minor, the American Citizen Services Unit can provide a list of Lawyers, without recommendations.
    3. Our advice: drive carefully, and avoid night driving outside major urban areas.
  5. Arrests
    1. US Laws DO NOT apply in Mexico. The American Citizen Services Unit cannot provide protection or remove you from jail. Nor can it act as your attorney.
    2. The American Citizen Services Unit can visit you in jail and provide a list of lawyers without recommendations.
    3. TheAmerican Citizen Services Unit will visit American prisoners to asses reasonable treatment – within the norms of Mexican jails, and where mistreatment is believed to have occurred, file a Protest.
    4. Mexican Law is Napoleonic, and thus quite different than what US Citizens are used to. Mexican Law presumes you are guilty until proven innocent.
    5. Advice: avoid problems with the Law. Especially avoid illegal drugs and people likely to be associated with drugs.
  6. Crimes of Violence
    1. The US Congress requires the US Embassy to Mexico to report every 90 days on the incidence of violent crimes against US Citizens. Thus the Consulate monitors this type of crime in its geographic area of responsibility.
    2. The Consulate also monitors investigations resulting from these crimes, and tries to maintain good relationships with investigating Agencies i.e. the Attorney General of the State of Jalisco.
    3. If you are the victim of robbery or other crime of violence, it is important to inform the Consulate as soon as possible. In addition, you should immediately inform the Police, file a “Denuncia” (official complaint) with the Procuraduria (Attorney General’s Office).
    4. If you need assistance filing the Denuncia, the Consular Service can help you to make an appointment for you to file the Denuncia. If you do not speak Spanish, take a translator with you. The American Citizen Services Unit can provide you with a list of Translators/Interpreters.
Published or Updated on: January 1, 2006


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