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  • A New Time For Mexico , 1996-2006 , by Carlos Fuentes (Marina Castaneda, translator). Published by Farrar Straus & Giroux.
    Available through: Amazon Books.
    This collection of essays by Carlos Fuentes, Mexican intellectual, man of letters and erstwhile diplomat, seeks to place his country’s current convulsive state in a wider historical perspective. He discusses the Mexican Revolution of 1910 as a liberating moment, counterbalanced by a tendency toward a centralized authoritarianism that created the monolithic ruling party, the Partido Revolucionario Institucional, or PRI. Fuentes considers that the PRI was a progressive force originally, but that it became corrupted by the Mexican ruling class’ elevation of Anglo-American forms of government, and the application of “savage capitalism” to the detriment of the Mexican people. Fuentes also talks about recent events, including the assassination of his friend, Luis Donaldo Colosio, the PRI presidential candidate, and he includes an exchange with Subcommander Marcos, the Zapatista leader.
  • Bordering on Chaos , by Andres Openheimer, 1996-2006 . Published by Little Brown & Co..
    Available through: Amazon Books.
    This is an attempt to understand Mexico’s steep descent into turmoil, which happened rapidly after the uprising in Chiapas on New Year’s Day, 1994. Following the assassinations of a presidential candidate and then the congressional leader, President Carlos Salinas de Gortari had barely left office when the peso collapsed. Pursued by allegations of corruption, Salinas then fled the country. Oppenheimer, a reporter for The Miami Herald, argues that the crisis is the result of nothing grander than a turf war within a decrepit ruling party; and that the Chiapas uprising is not something new, just another eruption of the Marxist intellectualism that has long flourished in Latin America.
  • Canada – Mexico, Partnering for Success, 4th edition. ,
    Published in 1996-2006 by, and available through: Prospectus Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    An excellent handbook for anyone considering doing business in México. Well researched and annually updated to ensure the economic and financial data are current, as well as the staus of trade relations and practices. Targeted for Canadian businesses, but relevant to anyone. 
  • The Challenge of Institutional Reform in Mexico , 1995, by Riordan Roett (Editor). Published by Lynne Reinner Publishers
    Available through: Amazon Books.
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  • The Challenge Living and Working in Mexico , 1995, By Dr. Marc Ehrlich. Tel: 011-525-251-2516,
    Chapter 5 can be viewed on Mexico Connect.
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  • The Complete Guide to Doing Business in Mexico , 1994, by Anita Winsor. Published by Amacom Books Division.
    Available through: Amazon Books.
    The first NAFTA-era guide to trading with Mexico! This comprehensive guide examines economic and cultural conditions in Mexico and provides readers with insight and practical information about marketing their products and services. Covers business customs, state profiles, the Mexican economy, foreign investment, labor, financing, import and export regulations, and more. Resource directory and illustrations included.
  • Continental Shift: Free Trade & The New Noth America (Briefing Book) , 1993, by William A. Jr. Orme. Published by Brookings Institute.
    Available through: Amazon Books.
    Thorough discussion of why the North American Free Trade Agreement is needed and should be ratified, done partially in a question-answer format and partially through narrative, tackling myths and misconceptions and giving both historical background and economic analysis. No references. Attractively designed, to better get the points across.
  • Distant Neighbors – A Portrait of the Mexicans , by Alan Riding,1989. Published by Vintage Books, Random House
    Available through: Amazon Books.
    Well written analysis of the relationship between México and the U.S., as well as insight into México and Méxicans.
  • Doing Business in Mexico – VHS Video 35″
    Produced in 1995 by: Big World Inc., Boulder, Colorado
    Very well produced video, demonstrating the key elements of successfully doing business in Mexico. Comes with a Resource Guide to Mexico and a Training Manual – For ordering and pricing please contact: Intercultural Press Inc., a company specializing in Cultural publications.
  • Economies of Exclusion: Underclass Poverty and Labor Market Change in Mexico , 1994, by Scott Sernau. Published by Praeger Pub Text.
    Available through: Amazon Books.
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  • Good Neighbors – Communicating With the Mexicans , by John C. Condon, 1985. Published by Intercultural Press Inc
    Available through: Amazon Books.
    An examination of how Méxicans and their northern neighbors perceive both themselves and each other. How their behaviour, based on these perceptions, often leads to cross-cultural misunderstandings. This book is a must for anyone seriously considering doing business or spending considerable time in México.
  • Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands , by Terri Morrison, Wayne A. Conaway, and George A. Borden, Phd., 1995
    For more information: Available through: Amazon Books
    This book provides you with the most current data possible on what foreign business and social practices to expect in different countries around the world. Each chapter focuses on a different country and is broken down into four categories: Country background; Business Practices; Protocol; and Cultural Orientation. Includes a chapter on México.
  • Management in Two Cultures – Bridging the gap between US and México , by Eva Kras, 1995. Published by, Intercultural Press Inc., a company specializing in Cultural publications.
    Available through: Amazon Books.
    This short book is an excellent introduction to Méxican management issues. It is written partly in letter format which brings a personal perspective.
  • The Mexican Economy , 1988, by George Philip (Editor). Published by Routledge
    Available through: Amazon Books.
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  • Mexican Lives , 1994, Judith Alder Hellman. Published by New Pr.
    Available through: Amazon Books.
    In the months before the passage of the landmark NAFTA treaty, Judith Adler Hellman, a leading authority on Mexican politics, went into the homes and workplaces of ordinary Mexicans. In bringing us their vivid, personal stories, Hellman puts a human face on the political and economic transformations currently under way in this rapidly changing country.
  • Mexico Faces the 21st. Century (Contributions in Latin American Studies, No. 5) , 1995, by Donald E. Schulz & Edward J. Williams, Editors. Published by Greenwood Publishing Group
    Available through: Amazon Books.
    A volume which evolved out of a conference titled “Mexico Looks to the 21st Century: Change and Challenge,” held at the U. of Arizona in March, 1993. The 11 papers, significantly edited and updated, contain contributions by political scientists, historians, and US and Mexican government officials. Topics include the emergence of a new civil society, an assessment of new environmental policy, and the Zapatista revolt and its implications for civil-military relations and the future of Mexico. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.
  • The Mexican Shock: Its Meaning for the United States , 1996-2006 , by Jorge G. Castaneda. Published by New Pr.
    Available through: Amazon Books.
    The Mexican Shock is acclaimed critic Jorge Castenada’s examination of the key issues in Mexico in recent years and their effects on the United States: emigration, the relationship between politics and economics, the assassination of Luis Colosio, and the rapid devaluation of the peso. “(This book) may be relentlessly harsh, but ultimately it also relentlessly hopeful.”–Los Angeles Times.
  • New Business Opportunities in Latin America: Trade and Investment After the Mexican Meltdown ,1996-2006 , by Louis E.V. Nevaer. Published by Quorum Books.
    Available through: Amazon Books.
    Political-risk consultant Nevaer assures US business executives that the unfortunate events in Mexico do not dim the prospects ignited by the lowering of trade barriers within the hemisphere. He describes business practices in Latin America, the history of US business there, the Mexican recovery and residual social and economic problems, strategies for operating in turbulent markets, and what Americans can and cannot expect from their counterparts south of the border. He also provides lists of information sources. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.
  • Political and Economic Liberalization in Mexico: At A Critical Juncture? , 1993, by Riordan Roett (Editor). Published by Lynne Rienner Publishers
    Available through: Amazon Books.
    Eight Mexican and US scholars, and leaders of the three major political parties in Mexico, offer various and often opposing views of the recent economic reforms in MEXICOthere, and speculate about how they effect the potential for political reform. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
  • Stategies for Business in Mexico: Free Trade and the Emergence of North America Inc. ,1995, by Louis E.V. Nevaer. Published by Quorum Books.
    Available through: Amazon Books.
    Explains the opportunities for corporate America in integrating Mexico into the economic and social fabric of North America, concentrating on the dismantling of authoritarian hegemony over Mexico’s political economy and its transition into a democracy in the age of NAFTA. Reveals the processes which have shaped the Mexican character, and covers practical aspects of business dealings such as legal requirements for opening a subsidiary. Appendices list Mexican trade offices in the US and Mexican trade organizations. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
Published or Updated on: January 1, 1996
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