Guide to the Birds of the Primavera Forest

The Primavera Forest is a protected area of oak and pine trees covering over 36,000 hectares, located due west of Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city. In 2010, the administrators of the forest published Aves del Bosque La Primavera-Guía Ilustrada (Illustrated Guide to the Birds of the Primavera Forest) by Oscar Reyna Bustos. Nature photographer Jesús Moreno described […]

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Long rows of natural shelves decorate the walls of Mexico's Arroyo El Carbon in La Primavera Forest © John Pint, 2014

Arroyo El Carbon in Guadalajara’s Primavera Forest

In most places, a straight line is the shortest distance between two points, but not in many parts of Jalisco’s Primavera Forest, located at the western edge of Guadalajara, Mexico’s second-biggest city. In this woods, a person trying to take a shortcut to some spot only 100 meters away may suddenly find himself or herself […]

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A view of Mexicos Hacienda Labor de Rivera by Guadalajara watercolorist Jorge Monroy. © John Pint, 2011

The romance of the Mexico hacienda: El Carmen and La Labor near Guadalajara

Before the revolution, haciendas dotted the countryside of Mexico. With their classic architecture and splendid great houses, each Mexico hacienda is surrounded in an aura of romance. Located 40 kilometers west of Guadalajara, the circular pyramids of Teuchitlán, attract tourists from all over the world. The “Guachimontones” are the centerpiece of several attractions in the […]

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Guide to the Mammals of Mexico's Primavera Forest:

Guide to the Mammals of Mexico’s Primavera Forest

2013 saw the launching of a new book describing the mammals of Jalisco’s Primavera Forest, located just west of the city of Guadalajara. Mamíferos del Bosque La Primavera, Guía Ilustrada (in Spanish) has 112 pages and 60 color photographs. The authors are three biologists — Silvia Zalapa, Edgar Godinez and Sergio Guerrero. Several hundred friends of the […]

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A pool of cold water in Mexico's El Río Zarco. © John Pint, 2014

A Brief Guide to Mexico’s Primavera Forest

Guadalajara, Mexico’s second-largest city happens to be situated right next to a beautiful pine and oak forest covering more than 36,000 hectares (139 square miles). For as long as anyone can remember, el Bosque de la Primavera has been referred to as “Guadalajara’s lungs” and in 1980, when big-time development plans threatened the woods, the […]

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Barbara Dye: U.S. Peace Corps volunteer Barbara Dye examines the point where giant blocks of pumice settled at the bottom of the Primavera-Caldera lake pushing their way into the lake sediment. © John Pint, 2014

Geology of Guadalajara’s Primavera Forest: A Peace Corps volunteer’s passionate tribute

On Wednesday, March 6, 2013, the first book ever on the geology of the Primavera Forest was launched at ITESO University in Guadalajara. La Apasionante Geología del Área de Protección de Flora y Fauna La Primavera was written by U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer and geologist Barbara Dye during her two years of service at the woodland sanctuary. Although written […]

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The Magic Circle Ecosystems

The Magic Circle: Mexico’s five ecosystems meet around Guadalajara

For a while I’ve been asking myself how it’s possible that I keep finding new natural wonders to write about after 25 years of living near Guadalajara. So, one day I sat down with a map and drew a circle around the city, with a radius of about 250 kilometers, nicely encompassing many of the […]

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