Native to Mexico, poinsettias grow in a variety of colors. © Diodora Bucur, 2009

The poinsettia, Mexico’s Christmas gift to the world

Holiday poinsettias are as much a part of the Christmas fabric as the Nativity scene or the traditional wreaths. Native to Mexico, poinsettias are classic winter bloomers. Commonly known here as flores de nochebuena, or flowers of the Holy Night, have come to resonate with Christians beyond the country’s borders. As many as 500 million fire plants […]

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Colorful Mexican weavings and textiles in the Oaxaca market of Santo Tomas. © Alvin Starkman, 2011

Christmas magic in Oaxaca: A multi-faceted experience of culture & tradition

Oaxaca is magical — its history, culture, art, architecture and folklore. The traditional Guelaguetza, celebrated in July, is a quintessential expression of Oaxaca tradition. Now, Noches Magicas de Guelaguetza are a uniquely Oaxacan Christmas festivity. Celebrated on December 22 and 23, 2011, the event invites tourists and residents to participate in a variety of cultural experiences. Beginning at […]

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