Villas Buenaventura features cottages and guestrooms around geothermal mineral springs at San Juan Cosala on the shores of Lake Chapala. In spring, jacaranda blossoms bring clouds of lilac color to the gardens.

Ajijic-Lake Chapala accommodations, hotels, restaurants, services

Although Lake Chapala’s north shore is quaint and beautiful, services are world class. From cozy B&Bs to gracious hotels and bungalows, the traveler will find the perfect place to feel at home in either Chapala, Ajijic or Jocotepec. Some inns, bed and breakfasts and hotels are like private homes in garden settings behind the walls, […]

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A view of Mexicos Hacienda Labor de Rivera by Guadalajara watercolorist Jorge Monroy. © John Pint, 2011

The romance of the Mexico hacienda: El Carmen and La Labor near Guadalajara

Before the revolution, haciendas dotted the countryside of Mexico. With their classic architecture and splendid great houses, each Mexico hacienda is surrounded in an aura of romance. Located 40 kilometers west of Guadalajara, the circular pyramids of Teuchitlán, attract tourists from all over the world. The “Guachimontones” are the centerpiece of several attractions in the […]

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