Avacodo Angels Photography & Annotations by Charles Dews. © 2001

The Family That Carves Together…. Eliseo Castillo, Enedina Castillo Castillo

“Does your husband ever carve nudes,” I asked Enedina Castillo Castillo, only half jokingly. She grinned up at me with those wise eyes. “Once he carved a David that looked like the one by Miguel Angel,” she assured me. “You mean the one in Italy,” I asked incredulously. “Sí, the one with the hands. “And the….” […]

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Museo Nacional De Acuarela

Alfredo Guati Rojo. Painting With Light – Museo Nacional De Acuarela

“Without watercolors we wouldn´t know nearly what we know about the ancient Mexicans,” said the gentleman across the expanse of polished desk with a sweet smile. “All of the codexes were painted with colored pigment in water on amate paper (thick, handmade paper from the inner bark of the amate tree that only grows in the State of Morelos). […]

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