Lake Chapala Photo Galleries

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Photo Gallery: Ajijic and Lake Chapala
Photo Gallery: Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico
Photo Gallery: Ajijic and Lake Chapala
Photo Gallery: Lake Chapala: Beliefs for intervention
Photo Gallery: Lake Chapala data charts
Photo Gallery: Comparisons, 1967, 2002-2003
Photo Gallery: Lake Chapala: A season of hope - Sep 2003 (Photos: David McLaughlin)
Photo gallery: Lake Chapala: Can Mexico's Largest Lake be Saved?
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2 thoughts on “Lake Chapala Photo Galleries

  1. Would it be possible to use one of your black and white photos of Lake Chapala in a book I am about to publish about my parents’ last years in Ajijic. I just learned that I cannot use the color photo I have for the book and so need to find one that captures the region without the benefit of the purple hills, green trees, and azure lake. I would of course give you credit for use of the image. The book is being published this May, so I am very short of time. Please do let me know asap.
    Thanks so much, Elizabeth Marcus, Boston, MA,

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