Pancho Villa 1878-1923

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Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa (1878-1923) – Photograph by D. W. Hoffman; image provided by John Hardman

A principal figure in the history of Mexico, and a principal figure in the Mexican Revolution, Francisco “Pancho” Villa was born June 5, 1877, ’78 or ’79 in Grande, or San Juan del Río, Durango as Doroteo Arango (there conflicting sources as to where and when he was born). He became a fugitive when he killed an hacendado for attacking his sister. In 1910, he joined the Madero revolution but returned to civilian life and operated a butcher shop after Madero’s revolt was successful.

When Orozco rebelled against Madero, Villa returned to the field of battle. In 1916, he raided Columbus, New Mexico. Villa continued to fight until 1920 when he surrendered his troops to Adolfo de la Huerta. Hr then retired to Hacienda Canutillo until 1923. He was ambushed and killed on July 23, 1923 in Parral.

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