Church of Our Lord of Villaseca

Exvotos: Folk art and expressions of faith in Mexico

Exvoto is a Spanish word meaning votive offering. My English dictionary says that the word comes from the Latin, meaning “out of a promise or vow” and that these votive offerings are given or dedicated in fulfillment of a vow or pledge, or expressing a wish, desire, or vow. In Mexico, an exvoto is most commonly a personal […]

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The Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos

San Juan de Los Lagos: The Virgin, her basilica, her pilgrims, and their exvotos

I had heard about San Juan de Los Lagos, and its exvotos, for many years. A stay in Guadalajara gave me the opportunity to visit; I was not disappointed. When I first walked into the Basilica, I knew that I was in a special place. ; There were many pilgrims standing in front of the altar, looking […]

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