The Mayan site of Coba (© Trevor Burton 2016)

The Ancient Maya – A Commercial Empire

The ancient Maya achieved compelling and impressive socio-economic complexity during pre-conquest period. Extraordinary ancient cities such as Tikal and Caracol are scattered through out eastern Mexico and Guatemala. These economic centers exemplify the economic might and wealth of the ancient civilization. How did the ancient Maya attain such great affluence? The development of an extensive […]

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Bibliography For – The Ancient Maya

BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR: The Ancient Maya An Exploration of Trade & Commerce During the Mayan Period Source Article: The Ancient Maya – A Commercial Empire Andrews, Anthony P. 1983 Maya Salt Production and Trade. Tucson, Arizona: University of Arizona Press. Chase, Alfred F. 1992, “Elites and the Changing Organization of Classic Maya Society.” In Mesoamerican Elites. Diane and Arlen […]

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