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My wife and I are hoping to build a small (600-900 sq ft) house just north of Zihuatanejo this winter. (If we can sell our townhouse here.)I’ve been learning a bit about construction methods that involve building a house with “Lego-like” pieces that are made of styrofoam or polystyrene. Once the house is built, concrete is poured into the Lego-like pieces and fills up all of the spaces.While I was learning about this, a friend of mine was in Barra de Navidad. When she returned, she told me about seeing buildings made of styrofoam. So I know the method is avaiable in Mexico.Does anyone here know anything about the cost of this building method in Mexico? Suppliers? Anything?

Posted by Richard Ferguson on September 11, 1996-2006 :
In Reply to: House Construction Methods In Mexico posted by Ernie Gorrie on September 02, 1996-2006 : :

I was in Barra de Navidad last winter, and rememberseeing a different use of styrofoam. I remember seeing a large sheet of styrofoam board with wiremesh on each side. The impression that I had was that the board was put in place in the wall, andthen mortar would be stuccoed on each side of thestyrofoam. This would be fast and easy, but I donot think that it would be a particularly strongconstruction method for an earthquake-pronecountry. I believe that a more standard (andstronger) practice would use concrete block wallswith concrete pillars and beams containing rebar.I suggest that you chat with some people thatbuild in concrete in California, about how tobuild a simple house with simple materials on site, that would be plenty strong.Remember that most concrete in Mexico is mixedon site by hand, so the quality and strengthmay not be consistent.

Published or Updated on: September 2, 2006
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