Jalisco Style Red Pozole: Pozole Rojo Jalisciense

In Jalisco, red pozole is more common than either white or green, and any red pozole, even if found in other regions, is usually called jalisciense or tapatío, meaning Jalisco style. The use of both pork and chicken, plus the flavor and color of the red chiles, takes this pozole over-the-top. Ingredients: One recipe Basic White Pozole 1 4-pound […]

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Jorge Negrete in "Cuando quiere un mexicano" (1944), directed by Juan Bustillo Oro © Producciones Diana Internacional, Coleccion Pascual Espinoza

Jalisco style chicken stew: Cuachala

Jalisco often seems to symbolize nearly all things Mexican, especially in the country’s Golden Age movies, which abounded with charros, huge sombreros, and lots of mariachi music. The singer and actor Jorge Negrete seems to devour the food with as much passion as he performs the title song in 1949’s Cuando Quiere un Mexicano. From Tuxpan, Jalisco, this Jalisco-style […]

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Jalisco's traditional sopes © Daniel Wheeler, 2010

The cuisine of Jalisco: la cocina tapatia

If there is one state that can be considered quintessentially Mexican, it is Jalisco. Home of mariachis, tequila, famous regional dances and equally well-known culinary specialties, Jalisco is at the heart of the country’s culture and contributes significantly to its cuisine. Located in Western Mexico, bordering on the Pacific Ocean to the west, and surrounded […]

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Jalisco crest


The state of Jalisco is part of the Central Pacific Region of Mexico, along with the states of Colima, Michoacán and Nayarit. The state of Jalisco is home to many famous national Mexican products and customs, including the beverage tequila, the skilled horsemanship sport of charrería, the Mexican Hat Dance” and the mariachi. The state’s […]

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Traditional Mexican cooking school in Tlaxcala: An interview with recipes

September is back-to-school time, so what more fitting topic for this month’s Mexico Kitchen column than a Mexican cooking school? One of the questions most frequently asked by readers concerns the availability of cooking classes here in Mexico. While several cooking schools exist in Mexico City, the best and most authentic regional cuisines are passed […]

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Beef fajitas with tequila: Fajitas de res al tequila

At the El Callejon restaurant in Tequila, Jalisco, my questions about preparation and proportions led to an invitation to their large, open kitchen area, where there was always something appetizing sizzling on the grill. This is a good recipe for outdoor cooking, but may also be prepared in a skillet. Although the tequila was added […]

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