Mexico's markets: Mercados de Mexico

Mexico’s markets: Mercados de Mexico – a photo gallery

Many of us don’t spend enough time really delving into the heart of a Mexican city — the open-air market (mercado). Fresh fish caught that morning, fresh produce, beautiful cloth, sweet bread and wonderful food like chile rellenos on a stick and roasted pork — all are available quite inexpensively at the mercado. Venture into the mercado […]

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A close-up...

Tijuana: Serious shopping for the serious shopper

Tijuana: A Taste of Mexico Part III: Recently we have heard and read much of “outsourcing” in economic terms. And it’s true that by the large-scale outsourcing of services and manufacturing, we are incrementally destroying our own economy. But the key is the term “large-scale,” since only the larger losses truly affect a local economy. […]

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Superama Mama

When hosteling my way through Europe in my early-twenties, I made daily visits to the local shops for crucial supplies: baguettes, cheese, fruits, nutella, and wine. In those days, I was willing to stop at a boulangerie for bread before heading to the patisserie for sweets, unruffled by squeezing and thumping my way through vegetable stalls, patient to wait […]

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