Mexico's markets: Mercados de Mexico

Mexico’s markets: Mercados de Mexico – a photo gallery

Many of us don’t spend enough time really delving into the heart of a Mexican city — the open-air market (mercado). Fresh fish caught that morning, fresh produce, beautiful cloth, sweet bread and wonderful food like chile rellenos on a stick and roasted pork — all are available quite inexpensively at the mercado. Venture into the mercado […]

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A close-up...

Tijuana: Serious shopping for the serious shopper

Tijuana: A Taste of Mexico Part III: Recently we have heard and read much of “outsourcing” in economic terms. And it’s true that by the large-scale outsourcing of services and manufacturing, we are incrementally destroying our own economy. But the key is the term “large-scale,” since only the larger losses truly affect a local economy. […]

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The Jewels Of Mexico: Public Markets by Vicki Cowal

Many years ago, before I began traveling around Mexico working with regional chefs and cooking teachers, I was a newly arrived greenhorn, both fascinated and confused by the country’s markets and their contents. One of the first sources of enlightenment for me on this subject was the writing of Vicki Cowal, who produced informative pieces […]

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Superama Mama

When hosteling my way through Europe in my early-twenties, I made daily visits to the local shops for crucial supplies: baguettes, cheese, fruits, nutella, and wine. In those days, I was willing to stop at a boulangerie for bread before heading to the patisserie for sweets, unruffled by squeezing and thumping my way through vegetable stalls, patient to wait […]

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