A message declaring "Palm Sunday" spins atop a castillo during Palm Sunday festivities in Mexico. © Julia Taylor, 2007

Fireworks artist: José Zuñiga, castillero

Jose Zuñiga has been making castillos for the better part of 25 years. His father was a Maestro de Fuegos Artificiales, and from boyhood, he remembers being part of the family business. Today, he runs his own fabrica, with 5 men who help with the armature, delivery and illumination of Mexico’s favorite fiesta perk. Castillos are lightweight towers of cane and wood, which […]

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The Virgin of Talpa and her church by Guy Garber Guerrero

My first pilgrimage: the Virgin “Rosario de Talpa”, Jalisco

If you live here in Mexico and don’t study the culture or experience first-hand this ancient and mysterious country, you are missing the richness that surrounds you daily. It is one thing to go on an air-conditioned bus with a guide, yet quite another to accompany a Mexican friend, willing to share information about his […]

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Amate painted by Roberto Venancio

The Mexican art forms of ristras, papel amate and papel picado

This month’s cover is a digital photo of papier-mâché chili peppers taken in Ajijic. These strings of papier-mâché items are known as ristras and are just one of several Mexican paper, art forms. Typically, ristras are fruit, vegetables, garlic, birds and other animals. Paper crafts have a long history in this country. Everywhere you look there are paper articles […]

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In Mexico, the jaguar has been a popular mythological creature dating to pre-Hispanic times. Its importance continues to date, with whimsical contemporary representations. © Alan Goodin 2007

In memory of Don Pedro: Alebrije art from a master artist

Gallery: In memory of Don Pedro: Alebrije art from a master artist A constant fluttering, deafening whirlpool of claws, fangs, fins, tongues and horns bewilder the senses in a frenzied shuttlecock of figures. This is the Mexican art of crafting alebrijes, monsters lovingly formed out of ordinary cardboard. Their grotesque faces and body-parts are delicately sculpted and […]

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A Mexican artist: Marybeth Coulter Best, art in pottery

Our cover this month is graced with a ceramic plate, lovingly created by local potter Marybeth Coulter-Best. Originally from Meno, Oklahoma, Marybeth makes her home at Lakeside. She credits her Mexican garden as the inspiration for all of her latest works. Marybeth is also a gifted photographer and painter; her work has been shown and […]

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